El laberinto del fauno pelicula completa

El laberinto del fauno pelicula completa

We also got control of the House Senate since 1 Obama also swept the 5 main swing states Florida, Virginia, Ohio, Penns, NC?. OBAMA MURDERED MC CAIN IN THE POLLS!! Obama had the most percentage of new voters votes, African american votes-92%, and young votes-60%!! He broke records with his fundraising efforts and had so much advertisement 2:1 ratio compared to Mc Cain Obama also broke history by being the Democratic candidate to actually get Ohios Virginias vote in 40 years!! Obama also of course is the 1st Black President well under this Constitution, most handsome, LOL. This is no time for BLACK ON BLACK BASHING!!! PEOPLE OF COLOR WHITES EVERYWHERE JUST SEE A MAN!!!! More MAN than you will ever be so shut up and save that sh!t for another day!!!! Italy was delightful. Did yall miss me? I Baracked the vote and am ectatic right now at the results! Change is finally here, for the first time in my life I can say that I am proud to be an American. Yay Obama!!!! PEOPLE THIS IS NEW DAY. FUCCCK THE HATERS ON THE SITE AND JUST IGNORE THEM. THEY FACES LOOK LIKE MCCAIN ELECTION PARTY. im so happy to that change has come for america. Young people im so happy to know that u have finally realize how important it is to vote especially for what you believe in. keep the dream alive. GOD BLESS AMERICA but for that we get a black president that doesnt have a slave name. Just imagine if the first black president was name Tom Jesse Jackson? Its Barack Hussein figure! I like the thought of that deeply. Ill take it. And hes black. Hes black because his descendents are black. He chose a black woman to bare his children, moving deeper into the black race. Ill take that as well! so happy, overjoyed, inspired, motivated, proud, thankful, i cant even explain it. I love the unity and change that is happening and so glad to be an American and experiencing this moment. i wish i had recorded every thing that has happened to get to this point for my future kids, grand kids, etc. CONGRATULATIONS PRESIDENT-ELECT BARACK OBAMA AND VICE-PRESIDENT-ELECT JOE BIDEN!!!!! WE made a huge change, and theres plenty more to come!!!!!1 Aiight McSame Supporter BoomBoom 123 where ya at???? I dont see you in here spewing your shyt?? ha ha ha LOVE IT!! HE IS MORE AFRICAN AMERICAN THAN ANYBODY ON HERE!!! WE ARE ALL IMMIGRANTS TO AMERICA!!! A MAN WITH A HARVARD DEGREE, TAKING CARE OF HIS FAMILY, WORKING HARD WITH HOPE FOR THE Italy was delightful. Did yall miss me? I will take that, it was thought out and next re-tort. But, isnt he white because hes a descendant of whites? he chose a Black woman, because they are the best. Never said he was dumb! Just a PIMP This is no time for BLACK ON BLACK BASHING!!! PEOPLE OF COLOR WHITES EVERYWHERE JUST SEE A MAN!!!! More MAN than you will ever be so shut up and save that sh!t for another day!!!! Maybe you need to read my post supported Baracks campaign and was a volunteer for his want our people to understand the significance of this moment not to revel in petty shortcomings that were simply no fault of his if you notice Ive said this in a very calm dont bash my Love my People always have always Lives-And so does s dream realized today. Although I agree with people who say that Obama is for all races, I must, however set the record straight on another issue. For those of you who argue that he isnt BLACK because of whatever reasons you are basing your opinion on, need to realize that although he is bi-racial, in the OLD AMERICA, he still wouldnt stand a chance. We all know that if you have a black parent, I dont care if the other one is powder, you are considered black, we are the dominant race, and you cannot argue that fact. There are plenty of people raised by a race other than their own, but the bottom line is GENETICS doesnt lie! Michael Jackson is the ONLY black man who fathered white children yall can have him because we gave up on him a long time its wonderful, i think it says allot, that America can change, that its redeeming itself. Becuase our ancestors went through hell, just to have the basics, its a party of history and we all played a part in it. its so emotional, our ancestors, and our loved ones that cant witness this moment with us, that fought and died trying to fight the injustices of the jim crow era. God bless them all!! Man there is not a word that can describe the way i feel right now. I just love this page in history because i really felt like my voice along with millions of other voices were actually el laberinto del fauno pelicula completa this time. This is a man who indeed got the African American vote but who also managed to get the majority of the White voters too. That lets you know that we are in a different era and our ancestors did not work hard and lose their lives over nothing. We el laberinto del fauno pelicula completa never forget that this race was not won by one particular race of people but was won BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! I hold my head up very high because today i really feel as though we as a people are taking the first steps into truly becoming UNITED!!!! 2 my fellow brothers sisters, I hope that this historic moment encourages us as a race 2 strive 4 a better life, 2 think more positively, the change that President Obama damn, it feels good 2 type thatspeaks on will not happen overnight, we have work toward making that change a reality, we have 2 be better role models 4 our seeds, because now more than ever, we R in the WORLD spotlight, we we do how we carry ourselves reflect on2 the President, so I say 2 my brothers sisters, from those striving 4 higher education 2 those hustling on the street corners, this is OUR time, were all in this 2gether, so in the immortal words of Ed, I say 2 U BLACK PEOPLE UNITE LETS ALL GET DOWN!!!!! For the FIRST time in MY adult life, I can truly say that I am PROUD to be American. I am really proud of this country, really! you know, i think its an embarassment that while some of you congratulate obama on his win, you are still feeding racism and taking jabs at other races. did you not watch the rallies in chicago, ny, etc? ALOT of those people there supporting obama were everyone is ready for a change, not just black people. Well said! And I too, was originally a Clinton supporter. I now have two mottos: For the black ppl, NO MORE EXCUSES! and for the white ppl, Youre gonna be alright so the C-R-A-C-K-E-R-S comment earlier? Was that talking about your new Black President? You need to be careful how you throw those words around now that our President sides with neither Black or White: I think this is going to be interesting. If it makes you feel better to say that your President is Black, Whites can also say their President is He is equally both: Dont you just love tru, he probably is more African American than any one on here, but not Black! We are not immigrants to American, we are prisoners of America.

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